We can create positive change for the community through soccer

We believe there is incredible power in connecting the youth soccer community with the intellectual disabilities community. Soccer can improve and unify our society. We believe soccer can change lives no matter your ability level, income level or family situation.

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Promotes teamwork

Teaches community values

Involves work ethic and responsibility

Boosts self esteem

Shows how to compete within rules

Physical confidence improves overall confidence

Encourages time spent outside (off video games!)

Encourages decision making

Helps people feel like they belong

Brings people together with diverse backgrounds

An opportunity to be inclusive

Helps people stay fit and healthy - soccer can be a lifelong sport

Allows for friendly competition which can create motivation and drive

Enhances social connections and interactions

Helps people learn about countries around the world

Increases focus and attention

Promotes family bonding

Supports accountability and commitment

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