• Supporting two non-profit communities is double the good, but also has REAL MARKETING VALUE.
  • Please reach out to the President of BuildSoccer to arrange a sponsorship agreement or suggest a company we should reach out to!
  • Christie Altree - 512-844-9603, christie@BuildSoccer.org
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Name The Entire Soccer Park

We are seeking a partner that can provide a large donation to build out this quality soccer park. The donor name will be featured in a grand entrance sign as well as throughout the park and on every soccer schedule and club website. The cost for the entire park project is near $5 million. Finding a donor that shares similar values that we can name the entire soccer park after for the next ten years is vital for success.

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Name The Artificial Turf Stadium Field

We are seeking a partner that can provide a large donation to build out an artifical turf stadium field. The donor name will be featured in many areas including displayed within the turf on center field for life of turf (min 10 years). There will be player benches and spectator bleachers and a scoreboard that will display the turf field name.

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Permanent Field Lighting Sponsor

Help us provide permanent, safe and effective lighting for our young players. We have 18 LED light poles planned. The donor name will be wrapped on every pole.

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Concession Building Sponsor

We have plans to add a concession building that will provide a gathering place for visitors and teams. There will be real bathrooms, drinking water and a snack counter for game days and tournaments. The building will named after the donor that can support this effort.

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Name The Natural Grass Fields

There will be four natural grass fields. They will be lighted, irrigated and contain shade trees on the sidelines. Each field will be named after the donor that can help us.

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Name An Area Of The Soccer Park

  • - Childrens playscape
  • - Equipment building
  • - South/north parking lot
  • - Pond beautification feature with dock
  • - Crushed granite walking path
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Impressive Wall Feature

$10,000, $20,000 and $30,000 offer different levels of recognition. The park will feature an appreciation wall highlighting the levels of giving to honor those that have supported this soccer park.

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Brick Paver Feature - $5,000

The park will feature a brick pathway with pavers donors can customize.

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Tree Plaque - $1,000

The first 50 donations at this level will have a shade tree planted with a plaque honoring the donor.


Web Site Appreciation - $10 to $999

This web site is the foundation to communicating our message. We will thank our donors with a web site shout out! We will also include thanks with ongoing social media posts.

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Why Marbridge?

The cornerstone of Build Soccer is to provide opportunities for all people to participate in soccer. The residents at Marbridge will be an integral part of the Soccer Park at Marbridge, both through a future Special Olympics soccer program and through internships, paid working opportunities and more.

The residents at Marbridge already have a special relationship with the kids who play soccer at Marbridge. The residents often come cheer on the teams as they play and high-five the kids as they leave the field. The kids volunteer at Marbridge events, make cards for the residents and love seeing them around campus. We hope to deepen these relationships with long-term collaboration and community building.


Location. Location. Location.

A convenient location for families throughout South Austin and beyond. Between San Marcos and Round Rock there are no youth soccer parks. In fact, the closest lighted soccer parks to South Austin families are on average 45 minutes away.

The Soccer Park at Marbridge will be under 10 miles from major subdivisions such as Circle C Ranch, Meridian, Belterra, Shady Hollow, Bear Creek, Leisurewoods, Plum Creek and many more in Buda/ Kyle.

With the new 45 Toll Road opening in 2019, this park provides easy access to soccer for thousands of families.

“As space runs out in the city center, residential development is rapidly expanding in the ETJ” Community Impact Newspaper, Aug 27, 2019.

Soccer is the number one sport in the world

And it is growing in Central Texas...

  • Youth Soccer Is A Very Large Community
  • BuildSoccer is now a proud member of Capital Area Youth Soccer Association (CAYSA) which has members that reside within the Capitol area. CAYSA represents local soccer programs in the South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) which is an affiliate of United States Youth Soccer (USYS), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and Federation International de Futbol Association (FIFA). STYSA is comprised of 29 Member Associations. They have been offering youth soccer programs since 1964. They have a current registration base of 102,000 youth soccer players. There are about 12 different league levels so players have opportunities to compete in appropriate skill levels. In the higher level leagues teams from all over the state of Texas travel to other cities to play league games.
  • Adults Still Play Soccer
  • Austin is home to Austin Mens Soccer Association (AMSA) which has over 3,000 registered players and more than 130 teams. The Austin Women's Soccer League has 360 registered players. The Austin Coed Soccer Association (ACSA) has over 780 registered players. There are five indoor soccer centers in the Austin area where many adults play indoor soccer. STYSA has over 10,000 registered adult players.
  • Professional Soccer
  • Austin will soon be home to Major League Soccer team Austin FC. We also boast a United Soccer League team Austin Bold. The women's professional team FC Austin Elite plays in the Women's Premier Soccer League against teams across the country.